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I saw Hitler from close to for the first time. Face and head bad racial type, crossbred. Low receeding forehead, ugly nose, wide cheek bones, small eyes, dark hair, facial expression not that of one in full self control but of one who suffers from insane excitement. Finally an expression of complacent self-satisfaction.



During those years, a view of life and a definite outlook on the world took shape in my mind. These became the granite basis of my conduct at that time. Since then I have extended that foundation only very little and I have changed nothing of it. On the contrary.



The idea of struggle is as old as life itself, for life is only preserved because other living things perish through struggle. In this struggle the stronger, the more able, win, while the less able, the weak, lose. Struggle is the father of all things. It is not by the principles of humanity that man lives or is able to preserve himself above the animal world but solely by mean of the most brutal struggle.



The adulteration of the blood and racial deterioration conditional there by are the only causes that account for the decline of ancient civilizations, for it is never by wars that nations are ruined but by the loss of their powers of resistence, which are exclusively a charaterictic of pure racial blood.






Through a thousand years of incest, often practical within the narrowest circles, the Jews have generally preserved his race more sharply than many of the peoples among whom he lives, this power is the power of money, which multiples in his hands effortlessly and endlessly in the form of interest and imposes up on the people that most dangerous joke, whose original golden gleam makes it so difficult to forsee later consequences. Eveything which makes man strive for higher things, whether it is religion, socialism or democracy is to him all the means to the end of satisfying his lust for money and power. In their consequences his activities become a racial tuberculosis of the peoples. And this has the following result, anti-semitism for purely emotional reasons will find its final expression in the form of programs. The anti-semitism of reason however, must lead to the systematic combating and elimination of the jews. Its ultimate goal must be the total removal of the Jews, Of both these proposes only a government of natural impotence.



If for a period of only 600 years individuals were to be sterilized who are physically degenerate or mentally diseased, humanity would not only be delivered from an immence misfortune but also restored to a state of general health such as we at present can hardly imagine. To achieve this, the state should first of all not leave the colonization of newly, aquired territory to a haphazard policy but should have it carried out under the guidance of definite principles. Specially competent committees ought to issue certificates to engage in colonization work and those certificates should guarantee the racial purity of the individuals in question. The racial idea embodied in the racial state must succeed in bringing about a nobler era, in which men will no longer pay exclusive attention to breeding and raising dogs and horses and cats but will endeavour to improve the breed of the human race itself. That will be an

era of silence for one class of people while the others will give their gifts and



to make their sacrifices joyfully.




If anyone comes and tries to make conditions to me then I say to him, friend wait and see what conditions I have to make to you. I am not wooing the masses. After a year you shall judge my party comrades. If  I have not acted correctly then I shall place my office in your hands again. But until that moment this is the rule. I lead the movement alone and no-one shall set me conditions as long as I personally bear the responsibility. And I once more bear entire responsibility for everything that happens in the movement.



I shall give a propagandist reason for starting the war, no matter whether it is plausible or not. The victor will not be asked afterwards, whether he told the truth or not. When starting and waging war it is not right that matters but victory. Close your hearts to pity. Act brutally, eighty million people must obtain what is their right. Their existence must be made secure. The strongest man is right.



We must be prepared for the hardest struggle that a nation has ever had to face, only through this test of endurance, can we become ripe for the domination to which we are called. It will be my duty to carry on this war regardless of losses. The sacrifice of lives will be immence. We all of us know what world war means. As a people we shall be forged to the hardness of steel. All that is weakly will fall away from us. But the forged central block will last forever. I have no fear of anniliation. We shall have to abandon much that



is clear to us and today seems irreplacible. Cities will become heaps of ruin, noble monuments will disappear forever. This time our sacred soil will not be spared. But I am not afraid of this.



It is only a fraction of a second and then one is freed from everything and has quiet and eternal peace.



What luck for rulers that man does not think.



Exactly the same thing happened at forty degrees below zero in Poland when we had to carry off thousands and ten of thousands when we had to be so hard, as to shoot thousands of leading poles. When we had to be so hard because otherwise vengence would have fallen upon us later. It is a great deal easier in many cases to go with a company in some region suppressing a rebellious population at a low level of culture, carrying out executions, transporting people away, taking away howling and weeping women.



In my view there are two kinds of responsibility in the life of the state. One kind of responsibility is for ones own sector for this one is of course, entirely responsible. But over and above this, I am of the opinion that in so far as one is one of the leaders for who else should bear responsibility for the course of events.



Not much will be left of the Jews. The prophecy the Fuhrer made about them is beginning to come true in a most terrible manner.       Goebbels.



He, Hitler passes on the whole body of the generals, a judgement which is admittedly often predjudiced or unjust but by and large no doubt accurate. He had also explained to me why he no longer eats his lunch at the big table in the fuhrers headquarters. He can no longer bear the sight of the generals. All generals lie, he says, all generals are against national Socialism, all generals are reaction ones. They are disloyal they dont understand him at all. However he feels that general can no longer offend him. He feels alien to this class of person and will in future, remain more than ever remote from them.



I have never personally hated the Jews. But Himmler ordered it and explained the necessity but I never gave much mind as to whether it was wrong.

                                                                                Rudolf Hess


We were forced to come to the grim decision that this people must be made to disappear from the face of the earth. We have tackled and carried it through without our men and our leaders suffering any damage in their minds and souls.



The law of existence requires uninterrupted killing, so that the better may live.



We cannot shoot these Jews, we cannot poison them. We shall however, take measures that shall lead to their eventual annihilation.

                                                                                Hans Frank


We love Adolf Hitler, because we believe with a faith that is deep and unshakable, that he was sent to us by God to save Germany.  Goering.



If the International Jewish finances should again succeed in plunging the nations into a world war, the result will be the annihilation of the Jewish race throughout Germany and Europe.



The fate of a few, filthy, lousy Jews and epileptics is not worth bothering about.



What the world shuts its ears to today, it will not be able to ignore in a years time.



Georing has betrayed and deserted both me and his fatherland. Behind my back he has established contact with the enemy. Now nothing remains nothing is spared me, I immediately had Goering arrested as a traitor to the Reich.

                                                                                Hitler 1945


If anything happens to me, Germany will be left without a leader. I have no successor. The first Hess, is mad, the second, Goering has lost the sympathy of the people and the third, himmler, would be rejected by the people, besides he is so completely inartistic.



Churchill is the most bloodthirsty and amateurish strategist in history. For over five years he has been chasing around Europe like a madman in search of something he could set on fire. As a soldier he is a bad politician and as a politician as equally bad soldier. The gift which Churchill possesses is the gift to be with a pious expression on his face and to distort the truth until glorious



victories are made of the most humble defeats. His abnormal state of mind can only be explained as symptomatic of a paralytic disease or of a drunkards ravings.



I cannot be insulted by Roosevelt for I consider him mad. First he incites war, then falsifies the causes, then arduously wraps himself in a cloak of Christian hypocrisy and slowly but surely leads mankind to a war.




When the British Air Force drops two, three or four thousand kilos of bombs then we will, in one night, drop 150, 230, 300 or 400,000 kilos. When they declare that they will increase their attacks on our cities, then we will raise their cities to the ground.




                       NUMBERS OF JEWS TAKEN


330,000                     jews in as yet unconquered Britain

55,000                       Turkey

18,000                       Switzerland

10,000                       Spain

8,000                       Sweden

4,000                        Ireland

3,000                        Portugal

34,000                       Lithuania

200,000                     Lithuania (previously murdered)

2,994,684                  Ukraine

2,284,000                  General Government

742,800                     Hungary

700,000                     France

446,484                     W. Russia

400,000                     Balystok

342,000                     Romania

88,000                       Slovakia

58,000                       Italy

40,000                       Croatia

2,300                        Albania



8,760,468                  Total Jews in Europe




                                  NON-JEWISH GENOCIDE

IT WASNT JUST THE JEWS WHO WERE SCOURGED BY THE SWASTIKA. The warped Nazi theories of race condemned many ethnic minorities to a brutal death. Sometimes just being different was enough to mark you out.

        Genocide, a policy of extermination directed at a complete race, political or otherwise is normally associated with the Final Solution of the Jewish Problem. From 1933 the Nazis had either taken European Jews out of society and forced them into ghettos or ordered them to wear the Star of David if they remained at large. The problem then was, what to do with them and the Final Solution came about which meant deportation and extermination.

        However, this also extended to the Gypsies, Polish intellectuals, Soviet prisoners of war and non-ethnic groups like homosexuals, free masons, communists and Jehovahs witnesses.

        In 1933, there were 6,034 Jehovahs witnesses in Germany. Between 1933 and 1935, over 5900 were arrested because they refused to become part of Nazi Germany. Declared enemies of the state, more than 2000 were executed, worked to death or died of disease.

        Despite the fact that SA leader Ernst Rohm was homosexual, German homosexuals became a proscribed group within the Third Reich after 1935, said to be asocial, shiftless elements. Wearing the pink triangle on their prison uniforms, they were confined to concentration camps. It is estimated that between 10,000 and 15,000 perished.

        Following the defeat of Poland in 1939, 4,500 Polish officers were killed in the woods at Katyn close to Smolensk. Between 1939 and 1941 they deported almost 1,700,000 Poles to Siberia. This was by the Soviets but the Germans were worse.

        Between 1939 and 1949, 2000 Polish men and women were arrested and executed. The first mass killing took place in Wawer, a town near Warsaw on 27th December 1939 when 107 men were taken from their homes and shot.

        They were the first of about 3 million Poles who were to die. During the war Poland lost 45% of her doctors, 57% of her lawyers, 40% of her academics, 30% of her engineers, 185 of her clergy and most of her journalists. The Germans deported approx 2,000,000 Polish men and women for forced labour in German and construction work in France.

        For the first 21 months after Auschwitz was established in May 1940 it served exclusively as a concentration camp for Poles. The first ethnic Pole died at the camp in June 1940. Hitler described  Operation Barbarossa, the invasion of Russia as a race war between Slavs and superior Ayrans. While genocide might not have been instituted as a formal policy, Russians and Ukranians died in their millions through abuse, neglect or murder.

        The killing of hostages, burning of villages that were suspected of sheltering partisans, starvation and the general ravishes of war killed 27 million in the Baltic,





Belarussia and the Ukraine.

        The survival rate for Soviet soldiers who had surrendered was low. Over half of the more than five million Red Army soldiers taken prisoner by the Germans after June 1941 were dead by 1945.

        In the first winter of the war, Germans took the felt boots, hats and coats of captured or dead Soviet soldiers since they had nothing adequate to wear. In sub-zero temperatures the POWs were doomed. In the summer, long columns of prisoners were marched across the dry steppe without water and many died from the heat. Those who fell out sick were shot.

        Other prisoners died in medical experiments including freezing and high altitude tests for the Luftwaffe. Soviet prisoners were killed in the first trials of Zyklon B poison gas, in 1941.

        The gypsies were the only ethnic group besides the Jews to be targeted. Both races were classed as pariahs. From the 15th century large groups settled in Germany. Because of their alien appearance, speech and culture, they were

regarded with fear and mistrust. In the following centuries, hundreds of edicts were issued, demonising the nomads as cannibals, kidnappers and poisoners of streams and a general plague on the land.

        Persecution in Germany came long before the Nazis, in 1899 a Central Off ice to combat the Gypsy Nuisance was founded. By 1926 it had gathered photos and fingerprints of 14,000 gypsies  By 1920 they were forbidden to enter parks and public baths. In 1925 the Gypsy Question was held, which resulted in laws requiring unemployed gypsies to be sent to work camps and for all gypsies to be registered with police. By 1927 they all had to carry identification cards with fingerprints and photos.

        Under the Nazis in 1938, a Gypsy Clean-up Week took place throughout Germany. It marked the beginning of the persecution and extermination of Gypsies.

At Buchenwald in 1940, 250 Gypsy children died when Zyklon-B was tested on them. From April 1940, thousands and thousands were deported to the ghettos of Poland.

        According to the executioners, Jews were easier to kill as they stood still, Gypsies cried out, howled and moved constantly, even when they were standing on the shooting ground. Some even jumped in the ditches and pretended to be shot.

        European attitudes to homosexuals or gays, had progressively hardened during the Victorian era. Acts between women were not against the law and in some German states before unification they were not forbidden between men. Under the German empire however homosexuality became an imprisonable offence as being indecency counter to nature Paragraph 175 of the Reich Criminal Code outlawed those activities that were similar to sexual intercourse only.

        In June 1935, the Nazis further defined paragraph 175 so that every indecency between men even thoughts if prolonged and intense enough could be punished with prison terms of up to 10 years or in severe cases by emasculation.

        In individual tests such as those at Ravensbruck in 1944, those men who



displayed excitement at the attentions of female prostitutes were released from jail as being not really homosexual. As a whole the Nazi movement was split over its reaction to homosexual practise. Although officially condemned, it was internally tolerated. It was widespread in the SA. Ernst Rohm made no attempt to disguise his sexuality. Even when he was over thrown, it was still quietly tolerated.





        Most Jewish communities of Europe had come into existence hundreds of years before Nazi Germany.

NORWAY                           88     YEARS

DENMARK                          317   YEARS

HOLLAND                           800   YEARS

BELGIUM                           700   YEARS

LUXEMBURG                      653   YEARS

FRANCE                             1936YEARS

AUSTRIA                            2100YEARS

ITALY                                        2100YEARS

GREECE                             2239YEARS

YUGOSLAVIA                      1000YEARS

ROMANIA                          1900YEARS

HUNGARY                          1900YEARS

CZECH                               1000YEARS

CRIMEA                             1900 YEARS

UKRAINE                           822   YEARS

WHITE RUSSIA           550   YEARS

LATVIA                              400   YEARS

ESTONIA                           600   YEARS

LITHUANIA                600   YEARS

POLAND                             850   YEARS

GERMANY                          1618YEARS


All this was to be destroyed by Nazi Germany





- 1941 -



January 10 All Jews are registered (Netherlands)

February 5 The Law for the Protection of the State - Jews get double punishment for crimes (Romania)

March 3 Krakow ghetto established

March 1 Himmler orders a camp at Birkenau (Auschwitz II) built

April 6 Germany invades Yugoslavia (surrenders April 18) and Greece

April 13 Japan and the Soviet Union sign a neutrality pact

April 24 Lublin ghetto sealed

June 22 Germany invades the Soviet Union (Operation Barbarossa)

June 29 "Black Sunday" - in the courtyard of the Iasi police headquarters, several thousand Jews are shot

June 29-July 2 In Dvinsk, all Jewish males from 16 to 60 years old are arrested

July 8 Jews in Baltic countries must wear Star of David

July 12 Anglo-Soviet Mutual Assistance Pact

July 20 Minsk ghetto established

July 24 Kishinev ghetto established

July 25-27 The "Petliura Days" - pogrom in Lvov

August 1 Bialystok ghetto established

August 14 Atlantic Charter signed

September 19 Jews who are six years old or older must wear a yellow Star of David (Germany)

September 1 Euthanasia Program officially ended

September 3 First gassing tests at Auschwitz

September 3-6 Two ghettos in Vilna established

September 19 All Jews in the Reich must wear the yellow Star of David in public

September 29-30 Babi Yar

October 8 Vitebsk ghetto liquidated

October 10 Theresienstadt Ghetto established

October 11 Chernovtsy ghetto established

October 23 Jewish emigration from Germany prohibited

November 1 Belzec extermination camp begins construction

November 25 The Association des Juifs en Belgique (Association of Jews in Belgium) established

December Lwow ghetto established

December 7 Japan attacks the United States at Pearl Harbor;

Night and Fog Decree

December 8 Chelmno death camp opens near Lodz, Poland

December 10 Germany and Italy declare war on the United States, the United States reciprocates



- 1942 -



January 20 Wannsee Conference

January 21 Jews in Vilna create the Fareynegte Partizaner Organizatsye (United Partisan Organization)

February 23 The Sturma sinks after being refused entry into Palestine

March Start of "Aktion Rheinhard"

March First transports of Jews to Auschwitz

March 1 Sobibor camp established

March 16 Belzec camp established

March 25 Kolomyia ghetto established

April 29 Jews in Netherlands must wear the yellow Star of David

April 30 Pinsk ghetto established

May 1 Dvinsk ghetto is virtually liquidated

May 27 Heydrich is severely wounded - dies on June 4

June 3 Jews in Belgium must wear the yellow Star of David

June 7 Jews in occupied France must wear the yellow Star of David;

United States wins battle at Midway

June 10 Nazis revenge death of Heydrich - wipe out Lidice, Czechoslovakia

July 20 Jewish uprising at Nesvizh

July 23 Treblinka camp established

July 28 The Zydowska Organizacja Bojowa (Jewish Fighting Organization) established in Warsaw

August 9 Mir ghetto liquidated - Armed Jews resist

August 16-18 Radom ghetto liquidated

Sept. 15 -

Jan. 31, 1943 Battle of Stalingrad

November 8 Operation Torch begins



- 1943 -



January 18-22 First Warsaw ghetto uprising

February 24 Salonika ghetto established

February 26 First transport of Gypsies to Auschwitz - placed in Auschwitz II in the "Gypsy Camp"

February 29 The Kolomyia ghetto is liquidated

April Bergen-Belsen established

April 13 Katyn Forest Massacre graves are discovered

April 19 Revolt in the Warsaw ghetto (resisted for 27 days)

June 20 The Ternopol ghetto is liquidated

June 25 Revolt in Czestochowa, Poland ghetto

July 5 The Sobibor extermination camp is made a concentration camp under Himmler's orders

August 2 Revolt at Treblinka death camp

August 16 Revolt of Bialystok ghetto

September 14 The Minsk ghetto is liquidated

September 24 The Vilna ghetto is liquidated

October 13 Italy declares war on Germany

October 14 Revolt in Sobibor

November 3 Aktion Erntefest (Harvest Festival) begins - liquidates the Trawniki, the Poniatowa, and the Majdanek camps

Nov. 28 - Dec. 1 Teheran Conference



- 1944 -



 Assassination attempt on Hitler

March 19 Germany invades Hungary

April 5 Jews in Hungary must wear the yellow Star of David

April 7 Alfred Wetzler and Rudolf Vrba escape from Auschwitz - their descriptions of Auschwitz reach the world and become known as the Auschwitz Protocols

June 6 D-day

July 8 The Kovno ghetto is liquidated

July 20 Soviet troops liberate Majdanek concentration camp

July 28 First major death march begins - Warsaw to Kutno

August 1 Zigeunernacht - 40,000 Gypsies gassed in a single action at Auschwitz

August 1 - October 2 Polish rebellion in Warsaw

October 6-7 An uprising at Auschwitz by the Sonnderkommandos

November 2 Gassings at Auschwitz terminated

December 16 Battle of the Bulge



- 1945 -


January 17 Soviet troops liberate Warsaw;

"Death March" from Auschwitz begins;

Raoul Wallenberg is arrested by the Soviets

January 19 Soviet troops liberate the Lodz ghetto (877 left out of 250,000 Jews)

January 27 Soviet troops liberate Auschwitz

February 4-12 Yalta Conference

April 5-6 Buchenwald evacuated

April 9 Mauthausen evacuated

April 11 American troops liberate Buchenwald

April 12 Franklin D. Roosevelt dies; Truman becomes President of the U.S.

April 15 British troops liberate Bergen-Belsen concentration camp

April 21 Ravensbrück evacuated

April 28 American troops liberate Dachau;

Mussolini shot by Italian partisans

April 29 Ravensbrück is liberated

April 30 Hitler commits suicide in the Berlin bunker

May 2 Soviet troops take Berlin

May 3 Nazis hand over Theresienstadt to the International Red Cross

May 5 Liberation of Mauthausen

May 7 The Germans surrender

May 8 War in Europe ends (V-E Day)

May 23 Himmler captured

July - August Potsdam Conference

August 6 Atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima

August 8 The Soviet Union declares war on Japan;

Allies establish the War Crimes Tribunal

August 9 Atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki

August 15 Japan surrenders

November 22 Nuremberg trials (ends October 1, 1946)


- 1948 -


May 14 Israel is established




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